Healthy and Sustainable Eating on Campus

Acadia’s first year students came through dining hall last Sunday to learn about healthy and sustainable eating, and how and where in dining hall those options are available. Of course, the Acadia Farm was presented as a healthy, sustainable and organic option for produce to choose from in dining hall, when available. This season we are excited to provide students with delicious veggies like carrots, beets, beans, tomatoes and peppers to support a healthy and sustainable diet on campus. This week at dining hall, students will be able to try various veggies grown locally at the Acadia Farm, as well as admiring the beautiful sunflowers being displayed to brighten up dining hall.

IMG_1613 IMG_1611

Welcome Back & Welcome to the Acadia Farm!

Farm Photo 2015The Acadia Community Farm team is excited to see the return of students to Acadia University. It is our mission to provide a space for all students at Acadia University to explore and learn about food and sustainable agriculture. Please feel welcome to come down to the farm any time between sun up and sun down, and take a walk through the garden. You will notice a diversity of plants and animals down at the farm, including pheasants, ravens, various song birds, field mice and even a muskrat (much to our dismay). There are many different varieties of plants being grown at the farm, and signage will help you identify those plants. The farm is a nice place to visit, to get away from the hustle and bustle of campus and immerse yourself in nature, while soaking up some sunshine and enjoying a beautiful view of the dykelands and Cape Blomidon. If you are interested in getting involved at the farm, please email for more information on how to get involved!

August Harvest

Today we got a great harvest of carrots, beets and beans from the garden! Look at those beautiful colours.

IMG_1599 IMG_1602

A great day for gardening

The sun is out and the veggies are growing! Having a plot at the Acadia Farm is free, we just ask that community members volunteer some time to help the campus section of the farm with their growing projects. James is one of our most dedicated gardeners, he comes down to his plot almost every day and it shows! Gorgeous cauliflower, cabbage, beans and beets can be found in this community member’s plot. His meticulous upkeep has translated into a beautiful and prolific garden. Way to go James!


Come down to the farm any time and check out what’s growing. Our community members have an impressive array of veggies and plants growing in their plots, a great display of agricultural biodiversity.

Sweet sweet blueberries

This past July the Acadia Community Farm received a wonderful donation from the Gulf of Maine Institute (GOMI), who expressed their thanks for the farm’s participation in the program by donating two high bush blueberry bushes.

GOMI is an organization that is dedicated to preserving the Gulf of Maine and its watershed. This summer Acadia hosted a conference where youth from both the United States and Canada came together to explore topics pertaining to climate change and sustainability. Naturally, the farm took the roll as a space for groups of young adults to explore the realities of where food comes from and how that effects both the environment and society.

We at the farm would like to thank everyone involved in the GOMI conference for their donation, and show what beautiful and delicious fruit their gift provides!

For more information about GOMI visit their website at



August sun brings vibrant and prolific plants at the farm!

After a long weekend of rest and relaxation it is a wonderful surprise to come back and see that the plants didn’t get the memo about the vacation. Our plants are producing in full force, getting ready for the students to return and explore the edible diversity available at their campus garden. Looking forward to seeing everyone next month!



Bunches of green tomatoes waiting patiently to be ripened by the sun


Gorgeous kale plants expand over this community member’s plot


The Jack-o-lanterns are blooming, getting ready for a halloween pumpkin carving event

IMG_1442 IMG_1440

Our sunflowers have finally began to open and show us their true beauty. Such vibrant flowers


Melissa Isner’s pepper plant has taken off and far surpassed the others. Hopefully we will see some fruit from it soon   IMG_1436

Tomatoes growing in the campus garden


So sweet and crisp, these new carrots taste as good as candy


Purple, yellow and green beans have pulled through the slug infestation and will soon be producing delicious goods that can be found at Wheelock dining hall


An interesting look at what a purple bean plant looks like. The flowers and stem are actually purple!

IMG_1428  IMG_1427

Our peas are loaded and ready to eat! Available soon at Wheelock dining hall


Companion Planting

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our first workshop of the season with Av Singh giving an informative and engaging talk on companion planting. I want to extend a huge thank you to Av for sharing his time and wisdom with us! For those of you who missed the event, I have attached a link to a PDF with some great information about how to do some of your own companion planting at home or in your plots.

companion planting work sheet

Happy Planting!


The Acadia Community Farm began in the spring of 2008 with the vision of providing local, organic produce to the dining hall at Acadia University, while also serving as a community garden. The Farm has grown to become an educational community centre for the exchange of knowledge surrounding gardening, food, and sustainable agriculture. Explore the site to find out more or stop by the Farm for a visit!


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