And away we grow!

We had our first work session and plot claiming last night and we were so pleased with the turnout! After all the planning , meetings and seedling starts over the winter it felt great to finally be outside preparing the ground. It was a lovely breezy evening that kept the bugs nicely at bay! It was also great to finally have faces to put with names. Although some of us are a bit challenged with name recall so just keep reminding us and we should have it down in a couple weeks!

We saw 16 new beds created which was terrific. That being said we have to get many more completed  so we can get the transplants and seeds in the ground. We are feeling very confident with the great energy that was in the garden last night!

We were also delighted to have guests of honour with us! Alex Redfield and Hillary Barter, the founders of the garden, came by to lend a hand and to plant. We really appreciated their visit and their help given the distance from home and their intensive work schedule right now with all their own farm work!! Thanks you two and we hope to see more of you when you are able.

A special thanks to those of you who pitched in with the heavy work even though you don’t have a plot.  We hope your backs are not too sore today! Thanks very much.

Sunday is another work session from 9 – 11:00  or 10 – 12:00. In future we will have one established time but we are anxious to get as much done as we can right now.

We should have the water hook-up completed by then  so that is very exciting for us this year. No more slogging jugs back and forth!

Hope to see you Sunday morning and don’t forget your sunscreen, bug repellant and a jug of water to stay hydrated!


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The Acadia Community Farm began in the spring of 2008 with the vision of providing local, organic produce to the dining hall at Acadia University, while also serving as a community garden. The Farm has grown to become an educational community centre for the exchange of knowledge surrounding gardening, food, and sustainable agriculture. Explore the site to find out more or stop by the Farm for a visit!


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Soon these flowers will be delicious fruit 🍓🍎. . Our strawberry patch is a newer addition to the farm. A big thank you to Sadie for her donation allowing us to purchase strawberry plants to fill five beds!
Just picked up some composted manure for bed prep and transplanting next week! This gardeners gold was sourced from Sutton Hill Stables just down the road! As usual Anna our farm dog🐕 is supervising to make sure we get the job done right.
The Acadia Community Farm is excited to announce our first workshop of the 2019 season! Join us on Tuesday, June 11th 7:00pm at the Acadia Community Farm to learn more about growing a vegetable garden. Please RSVP
Farm delivery! 👩🏻‍🌾 You may see our farm coordinator biking around Wolfville this summer and fall with a trailer full of produce. Yesterday it was used to transport our seedlings 🌱 from the K.C. Irving Center greenhouse down to the farm. See if you can spot our garden coordinator biking delicious veggie up to Wheelock Dining Hall this fall 🍂 🚴🏻‍♀️
We’ve been lucky with two good days of weather in a row. Fingers crossed for another one tomorrow! Today we rotated our compost piles and set up two new compost bins. These were graciously donated to the farm by Environmental Sustainability students Chelsey and Daniella! The soil is just dry enough to start planting out some of our seedlings. Today we transplanted swiss chard, cabbage, and kale! 🥬
Happy Sunday! It looks like we have some sunshine this coming week 🌤. This means our cabbage, kale and swiss chard will finally be transplanted into the garden! 🥬



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