A great day for gardening

The sun is out and the veggies are growing! Having a plot at the Acadia Farm is free, we just ask that community members volunteer some time to help the campus section of the farm with their growing projects. James is one of our most dedicated gardeners, he comes down to his plot almost every day and it shows! Gorgeous cauliflower, cabbage, beans and beets can be found in this community member’s plot. His meticulous upkeep has translated into a beautiful and prolific garden. Way to go James!


Come down to the farm any time and check out what’s growing. Our community members have an impressive array of veggies and plants growing in their plots, a great display of agricultural biodiversity.

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The Acadia Community Farm began in the spring of 2008 with the vision of providing local, organic produce to the dining hall at Acadia University, while also serving as a community garden. The Farm has grown to become an educational community centre for the exchange of knowledge surrounding gardening, food, and sustainable agriculture. Explore the site to find out more or stop by the Farm for a visit!


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