Afternoon at the Farm with King’s-Edgehill

The Acadia Community Farm had the opportunity to welcome King’s-Edghill School on a beautiful sunny afternoon in October. The students helped to harvest a grand total of 35 pounds of tomatoes to be freshly delivered to the dining hall on campus. Thankfully, more tomatoes found their way into the buckets than into the hungry mouths of students. This experience provided the students with valuable information about growing and harvesting your own food. Hopefully this experience planted a seed of change in their minds, and opened up students to the benefits of growing their own food.


(Cherry tomatoes harvested by the students of King’s-Edgehill)


In the above picture we find the Acadia Community Farm coordinator showing students and teachers the joys of seed saving, which is the ability to let certain plants go to seed to be collected and saved for the coming spring.


The students were fortunate enough to meet some of the plot holders who have been growing food in the community garden all summer. At the farm we have gardeners of all different experience levels and they are happy to share their knowledge and love of gardening with the students.


Freshly picked handful of ground cherries, which were grown by one of the plot holders. Some of the students were surprised to discover that they don’t in fact taste like cherries, and more closely resemble a tomato

The Acadia Community Farm is happy to partner with King’s-Edgehill school to help them develop tools to grow and expand their own gardens. Through this partnership King’s-Edgehill was able to make a connection with the Chartwells dining hall on their campus. Hopefully in the near future students of King’s-Edghill will see food grown from their very own community garden being served in their dining hall.


The Acadia Community Farm began in the spring of 2008 with the vision of providing local, organic produce to the dining hall at Acadia University, while also serving as a community garden. The Farm has grown to become an educational community centre for the exchange of knowledge surrounding gardening, food, and sustainable agriculture. Explore the site to find out more or stop by the Farm for a visit!


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